About Red Roof Storage

Self-Storage is Our Passion

Red Roof Storage offers the best storage units in Waco. Storage units are important, especially with a growing and thriving population. It is our passion to make sure you are able to have top-of-the line and protected storage units in town.

No other storage units in Waco, Speegleville, or the surrounding areas offers the huge space that we do, ensuring both safety and leisure for your storage needs. With our enclosed units, and 24/7 fenced and gated security, Red Roof Storage promises the safety of your belongings. Even though we are gated 24/7, our tenants are allowed access to their units 24/7. We know that you want access to your property at all times – and that’s why we do what we do.

We’ve talked about how Waco self-storage is increasingly important, especially in today’s fast-paced culture growth.

We are seeing more and more people coming into the city every month, and making sure your belongings have a place to stay safe in this exponential growth is essential. With our self-storage, your items will be safe and sound and always have a place to stay.